Barbara Dickson – Caravan Song

Barbara Dickson sings her 1980 hit single “Caravan Song”, the theme to the 1978 film “Caravans”. Music and lyrics by Mike Batt, the British songwriter, musician, producer, director, conductor and Deputy Chairman of the British Phonographic Industry.

And a rare clip from the 1978 movie Caravans, featuring the title song sung by Barbara Dickson.

Caravans is a 1978 Iranian-American film directed by James Fargo based on the novel by James A. Michener. Nancy Voyles Crawford wrote the screenplay. The movie was shot in Iran and starred Anthony Quinn, Jennifer O’Neill, and Michael Sarrazin.

Mike Batt wrote the score, which has been the most successful element of the film, remaining a bestseller for many years after the film’s release. The song “Caravan Song” was written by Mike Batt and sung by the Scottish singer Barbara Dickson. It peaked at No. 41 in UK charts and featured on the album “All for a Song”.


The early light is breaking
The morning sun is waiting in the sky
And I think I’m gonna break away
And follow where the birds of freedom fly
I need to give, I need to live
For the world is slowly turning
And the lights of love are burning in my eyes


Caravans, oh my soul is on the run
Overland, I am flying
Caravans moving out into the sun
Oh I don’t know where I’m going
But I’m going

Wish I had the wisdom
To find some simple words to make you see
The things that mean a lot to you
Don’t always seem to mean a lot to me
I need to breathe, I need to leave
When the sands of time go drifting by
I may be on my own
But I’ll be free