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Charles Aznavour – Toi et moi (You and me)

French-Armenian singer-songwriter Charles Aznavour sings Toi et moi (You and me) at the Palais de Congrès, Paris (1994). It is a song written in 1994 by Charles Aznavour, Jean-Pierre Bourtayre, and Jacques Revaux. It was originally released on Aznavour’s highly successful 1994 CD, aptly titled Toi et Moi. In 1995, the English version titled You and Me, as well as the Spanish version Tú y Yo were released.
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Jacques Brel – Ne me quitte pas

“Ne me quitte pas” (English: don’t leave me) is a beautiful song by the Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel (8 April 1929 – 9 October 1978). It is considered by some as “Brel’s ultimate classic”, who composed and performed literate, thoughtful, and theatrical songs that generated a large, devoted following. It was written after Brel’s mistress “Zizou” (Suzanne Gabriello) threw him out of her life.
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Joe Dassin – Les Champs-Élysées

Les Champs-Élysées is a reprise of the song “Waterloo Road” written by Michael Deighan and composed by Michael Wilshaw. It is interpreted by the British group Jason Crest in 1968. The title is adapted from the French lyricist Pierre Delanoë. Here it is sung by Joe Dassin, the American-born French singer-songwriter (November 5, 1938 – August 20, 1980).
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