Terez Montcalm – E penso a te

Canadian singer-songwriter Terez Montcalm sings “E penso a te” (English: And I think of you), a song composed in 1970 by the Italian singer and composer Lucio Battisti (5 March 1943 – 9 September 1998) based on the lyrics by Mogol (Giulio Rapetti – born 17 August 1936, the Italian music lyricist, best known for his collaborations with Lucio Battisti, Mango and Adriano Celentano).

The original Lucio Battisti version of the song:

The lyrics recount the nostalgic thoughts of a man about an absent woman, playing on the back-and-forth between the memory of a fruitless date and the thoughts of what she might be doing in this moment. The song and the singer highlight the hesitation of the protagonist in the presence of the woman (the initial piano riff) and the explosion of the feeling of nostalgia in her absence (the crescendo). The emotional effect is amplified by the repetition of the phrase “and I think of you” and by the final chord, with a final diminuendo in which all of the instruments dissolve into silence, leaving only the singer’s voice.

The lyrics of the song were written in 19 minutes during a drive on the Milano-Como Highway in which Mogol composed the lyrics almost entirely improvising while Lucio Battisti (according to some versions, while he was driving, according to others while he was sitting in the passenger seat) sung the melody line.


E penso a te

Io lavoro e penso a te
torno a casa e penso a te
le telefono e intanto penso a te

Come stai e penso a te
dove andiamo e penso a te
le sorrido abbasso gli occhi e penso a te

Non so con chi adesso sei
non so che cosa fai
ma so di certo a cosa stai pensando

E’ troppo grande la città
per due che come noi
non sperano però si stan cercando… cercando…

Scusa è tardi e penso a te
ti accompagno e penso a te
non son stato divertente e penso a te

Sono al buio e penso a te
chiudo gli occhi e penso a te
io non dormo e penso a te

And I think of you

I work and I think of you
go back home and think of you
I call her and think of you

How are you and I think of you
where are we going and think of you
I smile to her, glance down and think of you

I don’t know with who you are now
I don’t know what are you doing
but I know for sure what are you thinking of

The city is too big
for two who like us
don’t have hopes but are seeking for each other… seeking

Sorry it’s late and I think of you
I walk you home and think of you
I was not entertaining and think of you

I’m in the dark and I think of you
Close my eyes and think of you
I can’t sleep and think of you…