Yiannis Parios – Thalassa

“Thalassa” is a song by the Greek singer-songwriter Yiannis Parios. Thalassa \th(a)-lassa, thal(as)-sa\ is a girl’s name is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Thalassa is “sea, ocean” the personification of the sea).

Yiannis Parios was born Ioannis Varthakouris (Ιωάννης Βαρθακούρης) on the island of Paros. He made his first appearance as a singer in 1969.

He is quoted as saying “Whenever a song is born and wherever it is sung, it belongs to everyone. That, really, is the reason why music exists: so that it cannot be fenced in by frontiers”. This quote is thought to be the main inspiration for his songwriting and performances.

Thalassa lyrics (English translation)

I’m sailing in the middle of the open sea, and have the grief as my bow
and have the love as the fair wind, and the separation, as a mast,

Oh sea, don’t send me away
Oh separation, don’t bleed my heart

I gaze at the top of Psiloritis(1) with a grief (Psiloritis = the highest mountain of island Crete)
and as I ‘m sailing away, saying goodbye to Crete, I have tears in my eyes

Oh sea, don’t exile me far away
Oh separation, you’ve burnt my heart

A black fate has written it, to be moving away, to get lost
and to be living far away from Crete and from the one I love

Oh sea, don’t send me away
Oh separation, don’t bleed my heart


  1. Mount Ida, known variously as Idha, Ídhi, Idi, Ita and now Psiloritis (Greek: Ψηλορείτης, “high mountain”), is the highest mountain on Crete. Located in the Rethymno regional unit, it was sacred to the Greek Titaness Rhea, and on its slopes lies one of the caves, Idaion Andron, in which, according to legend, Zeus was born. As an island high point at 2,456 m, it is the mountain with the highest topographic prominence in Greece.